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    Sixties Punk 7" Singles

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    ? Mark & t he Mysterians
    Can't Get enough of you baby/Smokes   Sale price: $14.00
    VG++ Cameo Parkway good garage
    1229 Depression
    Child Of Clay/You'Ve ...   Sale price: $12.00
    13Th Committee
    Sha La La/You Really...Manhattan N   Sale price: $28.00
    harley hatcher of d.allens band
    13th Floor Elevators
    EP You really got me+3   Sale price: $39.00
    PS M/M 78 issue on austin records beautiful laminated sleeve-rare trax
    13th Precinct
    You gotta be mine/junkyard   Sale price: $25.00
    M TRX excellent 60's garage pop psych
    49th Parallel
    Talk to me   Sale price: $40.00
    M promo maverick good canadian psych garage
    You do things/laborer   Sale price: $25.00
    RCA VG+ DJ good canadian punk
    Ace St.Clair
    Doin The Uncle Willie   Sale price: $7.00
    stacy m-good
    Allman Greg
    Laid Back   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M Jukebox lp-inc.full sheet of stickers for jukebox
    Horse with no name+3   Sale price: $29.00
    PS M/M-superb rare Aussie EP-immaculate!!
    Anyas Street
    Boeing 707/There'S One...   Sale price: $6.00
    verve forecast m
    Astronauts The
    EP Hot doggin+3   Sale price: $50.00
    M-/M Spanish very rare garage surf ep nice laminated sleeve
    EP Movin+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/M japanese original 60's laminated sleeve with flaps folded back-beautiful!!!!
    EP The la la la song+3   Sale price: $60.00
    PS M-/VG++ spanish pic sleeve-very nice!!! grt sleeve and rare
    Avengers The
    Everybodys gonna wonder/take..   Sale price: $24.00
    M DJ Good 60's folk rock garage-has J.meek snd
    Bad Seeds The
    King of the soapbox/he's lying   Sale price: $40.00
    M dj col. good garage
    Banana & the Bunch
    Vanderbilts Lament   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M Racoon/W.bros-youngblood member
    Barbarians The
    Are you a boy or are you a girl/take it   Sale price: $16.00
    M Laurie --good 60's garage
    Bards The
    The owl & the pussycat/Light of Love   Sale price: $24.00
    DJ M Capitol good washington state garage
    Barracudas The
    Wait for tomorrow/no matter..   Sale price: $20.00
    VG+ DJ Smash good garage
    Barry Len
    EP !-2-3 +3   Sale price: $24.00
    PS VG+/M- Rare Aussie Festival label original issue
    Beac Boys The
    EP Dance Dance Dance+3   Sale price: $25.00
    PS VG/VG Aussie very rare!!! hardly seen-a must for the fan
    Beach Boys
    Darlin/Here Today Ps   Sale price: $20.00
    very nice us sleeve-m
    Beach Boys
    EP Surfer Girl+3   Sale price: $30.00
    PS VG+/VG+ aussie very rare on aussie early 60's capitol label!!
    Beach Boys The
    Bluebirds Over The..   Sale price: $20.00
    manson helped on this-cap m dj
    Come Go With Me/Don'T..   Sale price: $15.00
    a label promo-UK cbs m
    Ep Sail On Sailor+2   Sale price: $9.00
    UK brother
    Good Vibrations/Lets ..Ps   Sale price: $20.00
    nice French orig.sleeve
    Here Comes The Night   Sale price: $9.00
    UK caribou m
    Lady Lynda/Full ..Uk Col M   Sale price: $15.00
    a" label promo-reg UK copy
    Oh Darlin/Endless..   Sale price: $15.00
    a" label promo-UK caribou m
    Sumahama/Angel..   Sale price: $14.00
    UK "a" label promo-UK caribou m
    Susie Cincinatti/Add Some..   Sale price: $14.00
    dj m cap.
    Beach Boys The
    Friends/Little Bird   Sale price: $14.00
    cap green label promo vg+++
    Beach Boys The
    Do it Again/Wake the world   Sale price: $18.00
    PS M-/VG++ yugoslav-grt.sleeve says "ware the world" tiny writing on back cov-v.rare
    Beaten Path The
    Doctor stone/never never   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ VG++ jubilee cool garage psych was featured in 60's film "the cool ones,"
    Beau Brummels
    EP Bang Bang+3   Sale price: $60.00
    PS M/M Mexican warner bros-super rare ep sleeve from their w.bros covers lp!!!
    Beckett Quintet
    Its all over now baby blue   Sale price: $16.00
    M Gemcor-good 60's garage!!
    Bentley & the Jet Set
    EP Watusi 64+3   Sale price: $75.00
    PS M/M very rare mid 60's US west coast garage on french disques vogue label--they recorded in the US on GNP Crescendo--very cool
    Berry Jan
    Sing Sang A Song M   Sale price: $20.00
    rare 76 promo issue on ode
    Better Days
    I can't do it by Myself/Like the flowers   Sale price: $40.00
    M- M.O.C. records killer punk has moving sidewalks sound
    BigBrother & the Holding Co.(Janis Jopin)
    Women is losers/Light is faster than sound   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M Mainstream-rare and great!!
    Black & Blues
    Come to Me/bye bye baby   Sale price: $28.00
    M UA Good punk
    Black Terry
    Unless you care/can't we go   Sale price: $15.00
    VG to VG+ Tollie canadian 60's merseybeat sound-promo label
    Help is on the way   Sale price: $24.00
    PS-rare promo sleeve-b-side is interview
    Bloos Magoos The
    The People Had no faces/So I'm wrong..   Sale price: $35.00
    M Verve Forecast-one of their rarest singles
    Blue Cheer
    Fool/aint that the way...   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ VG++ Philips-gary yoder tune!!
    Hello LA bye bye Birmingham   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ m philips mono & st versions
    Blue Things The
    Pretty Thing Oh/just two days..   Sale price: $45.00
    M- Ruff records grt. folk rock garage-one of their rarest!!!
    Blues image
    EP clean Love+2   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M very rare 60's promo ep!!!
    Blues Magoos The
    EP Pipe Dream+3   Sale price: $150.00
    PS M/M- Spanish sensational sleeve very rare US 60's garage punk
    As Tears go by/don't think twice..   Sale price: $25.00
    M jerden--dj good 60's punk
    Bolling Tiffany
    Thank God the war is over/let it be   Sale price: $20.00
    M Canyon records-good 60's sexy female sunshine pop-very rare
    Bonfire Mars
    Faster than the speed of life   Sale price: $20.00
    M DJ Col-good west coast garage rock
    Bougalieu The
    Lets do wrong/when i was a child   Sale price: $75.00
    M DJ Roulette killer punk pebbles tune
    Box Top The
    Soul deep+3   Sale price: $30.00
    PS M-/M- rare original aussie ep!!!
    Boxtops The
    EP The Letter+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M-/M- Yugoslave Jugoton/stateside-grt.sleeve pic of group-rare!!!
    Boyce Tommy & Bobby Hart
    I'm gonna blow you a kiss in the wind   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M/M Aquarian-superb 60's sunshine pop tunes-by monkees songwriters
    Brady Bob & the Con chords
    Everybody's Goin to the Love in/Its been a long..   Sale price: $25.00
    VG++ Chariot records rare 60's DC garage pop
    British Walkers
    Shake/That was yesterday   Sale price: $22.00
    M Cameo Parkway-grt.garage-roy buchanan
    Brooklyn Bridge
    Second Brooklyn Bridge   Sale price: $14.00
    DJ M LP sampler rare on buddah
    Brothers Legard
    Night Bloomin Jasmin/and her name is scarlet   Sale price: $22.00
    M DJ Era rec--good 60's obscure sunshine pop mersey sounds
    Bubble Puppy
    If I had a reason/beginning   Sale price: $16.00
    M Int.artists-non-lp good garage punk
    Buckley Tim
    Grief in my soul/wing   Sale price: $18.00
    VG++ Elektra promo very rare
    Move with me   Sale price: $14.00
    M St & Mono w.bros-rare and very nice
    Quicksand   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M Discreet Mono & st -very nice and rare
    Bunnys The
    Lets go Shake/Shake #1   Sale price: $120.00
    VG++ Japanese seven seas label Killer Japanese flipped out 60's screaming garage with killer guitar--known as "group sounds" very rare
    Buttterfield Blues Band Paul
    Run out of time/one more..   Sale price: $18.00
    PS M DJ--sleeve has tear in middle-has been fixed-has tiny writing-RARE
    Byrds The
    EP Mr.spaceman+3   Sale price: $115.00
    PS M/M Portugese very rare and very nice rarely seen a must for the fan
    EP Mr.tambourine man+3   Sale price: $125.00
    PS M-/M- French great sleeve rarely seen!!
    EP The world turns all around her+3   Sale price: $90.00
    PS M/M Portugese beautiful condition very rare sleeve
    EP Turn Turn Turn+3   Sale price: $110.00
    PS M/M portugese-very nice very rare
    mr.Tambourine man/I knew..   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M-/VG++ rare dutch sleeve
    Cake The
    P.T. 280/Have you heard...   Sale price: $12.00
    M Decca rare female 60's garage!!!!
    Canned Heat/Clara Ward
    R&R Music/Looking For..   Sale price: $20.00
    dj m ua-very rare single
    Carnegy Hall
    Slightly cracked/bells of...   Sale price: $30.00
    M dj Atco one side psych instro-other side folk rock-rare
    Carriage Trade
    Rag Mama/Wild Bout ..   Sale price: $15.00
    f.groovies garage sound
    Chancellors The
    I'm a man/so fine   Sale price: $25.00
    M- DJ soma good midwest punk
    Yo Yo/Little latin lupe lu   Sale price: $20.00
    M soma records good 60's garage
    Chartbusters The
    Why/stop the music   Sale price: $22.00
    M- Mutual beatlish sounding 60's wash dc garage pop!!!
    Chocolate Watchband
    EP Sweet Young thing+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M/M French EVA rare reissue from the 80's not often seen
    Deep Inside/psychedelic soul   Sale price: $22.00
    DJ M War. Bros good sunshine pop psych sounds
    Have You Gone Out ..   Sale price: $7.00
    birth rec m
    Ep Wade In The Water+3 Ps   Sale price: $25.00
    rare portugese ep-grt.sleeve
    Cole & the Embers
    Hey Girl   Sale price: $60.00
    M star trek killer 60's punk
    Standing on the corner/columbus   Sale price: $30.00
    early 70's very raunch garage sound-very primitive and rare VG mill rec
    Combenashuns The
    what'cha gonna do/hey   Sale price: $50.00
    VG+++ good pa punk
    Communication Aggregation The
    Off the wall/freakout USA   Sale price: $23.00
    M RCA DJ wild psych garage
    Cooder Ry
    1983/the life game   Sale price: $25.00
    DJ VG+++-rare on Musicor label!!!
    Cooper Alice
    Ep Slick Black Limousine+4   Sale price: $25.00
    1973 nme flexi giveaway
    Muscle Of Love Jukebox Lp   Sale price: $40.00
    rare promo jukebox lp ps- m
    Corporation The
    I want to get out of my grave   Sale price: $12.00
    M DJ captiol good psych
    Count Five
    EP Psychotic Reaction+3   Sale price: $50.00
    PS M-/M Mexican beautiful color photo of band on sleeve-very rare!!!!
    Country Joe & the Fish
    Not so sweet Martha../Masked marauder   Sale price: $20.00
    M Vanguard rare stock copy of killer psych classic--very hard to find on 45!!!
    Cpuntry Joe & the Fish
    Here I go again/baby your..   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M Vanguard-rare promo
    Crabby Appleton
    Some Madness/lucy   Sale price: $12.00
    Elektra dj M
    Crazy Horse
    all alone now/one thing..   Sale price: $12.00
    UK Reprise-"A" label promo
    Creedence Clearwater Rev.
    Ep Green River+3 Ps   Sale price: $20.00
    orig.aussie 60's ep-g rt sl. m
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    EP Travellin band+3   Sale price: $45.00
    PS M/M Aussie beautiful laminated sleeve-grt.pic a must for the collector
    Danes The
    To Make me a Man/Lost Love   Sale price: $25.00
    M Charay rare texas pop garage 60's sound
    Dave Clrk Five
    EP Over & Over+3   Sale price: $150.00
    PS M-/M- french beautiful sleeve posing on a sports car-rare and rarely seen
    Dean James
    East of Eden/call of the ..   Sale price: $75.00
    PS M/M killer japanese sleeve-grt.pic of movie legend--a sleeve to be framed
    Decades The
    I'm gonna dance/on sunset   Sale price: $60.00
    VG+++ on orig.label lady luck
    Dee Jay & the Runaways
    Peter Rabbit/3 steps to   Sale price: $10.00
    VG IGL records good midwest garage
    Del Vetts The
    I call my baby STP/thats the way it is   Sale price: $24.00
    VG+ Dunwich surf garage at its best
    Del-Vetts The
    I call my baby STP/thats the..   Sale price: $23.00
    VG to VG++ Dunwich dj copy-grt!!!
    Devons The
    Its all over now baby blue/are you really real   Sale price: $45.00
    M- good surf garage on decca produced by gary usher!!! rare
    Dewey Martin
    Jambalaya   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M Uni B.Springfield member!!
    Dillards The
    Nobody Knows/Ebo Walker   Sale price: $50.00
    Capitol M their rarest single w.folk rock overtones!!!
    Distortions The
    Behind my wall/a love..   Sale price: $15.00
    VG++ smash dj protest folk garage
    Lets spend some time together   Sale price: $20.00
    M Capitol good 60's garage DJ
    Don & Jerry & the Fugitives
    In the cover of the night/I ..   Sale price: $50.00
    M Fabor rec-good calif.organ punk!!
    Don & the Agitators
    Goin Back home/if you   Sale price: $20.00
    M- Lucky Token records-west coast garage
    Doors The
    Moonlight Drive/Love Me Two Time   Sale price: $22.00
    canadian yellow orig.elektra label
    Doors The
    Piano Bird/Good rockin   Sale price: $15.00
    PS-rare german sleeve M/M-after jim left
    Dylan Bob
    EP Can you please crawl out of your window+2   Sale price: $125.00
    PS M/VG+++ killer french sleeve-amazingly rare and very nice
    EP Can you please crawl out your window+2   Sale price: $150.00
    PS M-/M- Spanish sensational sleeve
    EP Don't think twice its alright+3   Sale price: $200.00
    PS M-/M UK EP CBS orange label very rare 63 issue great sleeve!!!!
    EP I want you+2   Sale price: $150.00
    PS M-/M- French very rare and nice EP sleeve
    EP just like a woman+2   Sale price: $125.00
    PS M/M portugese beautiful and rare
    EP Positivley 4th street+3   Sale price: $70.00
    PS VG/VG++ great rare spanish ep sleeve has some wear--rarely seen
    EP Rainy Day women+2   Sale price: $90.00
    PS M-/VG French Beautiful lamintated sleeve
    EP Subterranean Homesick blues+3   Sale price: $110.00
    PS M-/VG+ french great laminated sleeve beautiful early pic of Dylan
    EP With God on our side+2   Sale price: $125.00
    PS M-/M- French CBS early rare and beautiful EP!!!!
    Like a Rolling Stone/gates of eden   Sale price: $110.00
    PS M-/M- French laminated sleeve super pic very rare--a must
    Earth Opera
    American Eagle Tragedy/when..   Sale price: $20.00
    M DJ Elektra-rare psych-rare on single!!
    Edgar Jim & the Roadrunners
    hey little girl/apartment #9   Sale price: $40.00
    M mersey vocals with stinging guitars-good Hama rec
    Electric Prunes
    EP Live in Stockholm   Sale price: $25.00
    PS rare great sounding ep from late 80's very limited and hard to find M
    Electric Prunes
    Hey Mr.presiden+3   Sale price: $45.00
    PS Mexican VG/G very rare Mexican only ep!!--very noisy-looks great!
    Elephants Memory
    Mongoose/I couldn't Dream   Sale price: $28.00
    PS M/M Metromedia rare early 70's issue
    Embryo Infinity Rebirth
    Let me tell you a story/walls   Sale price: $30.00
    M way out records good garage
    Enemys The
    Too Much Monkey business/Glitter & Gold   Sale price: $23.00
    VG++ DJ MGM good punk/garage
    Engle Butch & Styx
    Going home/I like her   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ Loma VG slightly noisy but rare west coast garage psych
    Erik & the Smoke Ponies
    I'll Give you More/from where I'm standing   Sale price: $35.00
    M Kama sutra dj good garage punk
    Fabulous Pack The
    Widetrackin/does it matter to you girl   Sale price: $30.00
    PS M Lucky eleven-grt.detroit punk
    Fairviews & 5Th Dimension
    New Direction   Sale price: $24.00
    good garage-sprit m
    Family The
    Family Affair/Nation Time   Sale price: $30.00
    North bay records-rare 60's west coast SLY STONE!!!! M
    Fantastic Dee Jays The
    Love is Tuff/Just a Boy   Sale price: $30.00
    VG+++ Stone records pre swamp rats good garage
    Feelies The
    Happy/Look at me   Sale price: $20.00
    M Jerden rare NW 60's garage
    Fever Tree
    I put a spell on you   Sale price: $18.00
    DJ M mon & st versions Ampex rec
    Love Make the sun rise/filigree..   Sale price: $15.00
    M UNI DJ rare single
    She comes in colors   Sale price: $35.00
    M DJ St & Mono mixes ampex-rare late 60's psych
    What did you sa it is in Salt lake city   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M UNI rare promo nice
    Finks The
    EP whisky a go go   Sale price: $45.00
    VG+++ bomar- 6 trak early 60's calif-rare!!
    First Edition The
    But you know i love you/Homemade lies   Sale price: $12.00
    PS M-/M- French Reprise their hippie psychedelic days
    Five American
    stop light/tell ann   Sale price: $30.00
    PS VG+/M rare US sleeve on abnak good garage
    Flanders Tommy
    Moonstone/between purple   Sale price: $15.00
    PS M-/M rare promo ex B.Project singer!!
    Floating Bridge
    Don't Mean a thing/Mr.Jaybird   Sale price: $24.00
    DJ M Vault good west coast late 60's psych
    Flying Burrito Brothers
    white Line fever/colorado   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M A&M Classic
    Folkswingers the
    12 string special   Sale price: $18.00
    PS M(actually G.campbell & dillards in disguise)
    Fonda Peter
    Outlaw blues/I dream of Highways   Sale price: $30.00
    PS M/M Capitol-rare early 70's issue-grt.sleeve pic of fonda!!!
    Four Tops The
    EP Reach out..+3   Sale price: $29.00
    PS VG/M original Aussie 60's pic sleeve rrely seen great photo of band
    Fowley Kim
    Control/The top   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M/M very nice rare german sleeve-wild shot of fowley!!
    Franklin Judy & the Hippies
    boys & girls/let me go boy   Sale price: $50.00
    M- Cha Cha records-good 60's female folk psych-rare!!
    Days Of Decision   Sale price: $40.00
    killer psych punk-dj m atco
    Free Design The
    Kites are fun/The Proper ornaments   Sale price: $15.00
    M- Project 3 classic 60's sunshine pop
    Free For All
    Show me the Way   Sale price: $65.00
    M challenge-Pebble classic!!
    Free for All
    Show me the way/blue monday   Sale price: $60.00
    M- Challenge dj pebbles psych/garage classic
    Frost The
    Black As Night Ps   Sale price: $20.00
    French-rare sleeve!!!
    Help Me Baby/Black..Ps   Sale price: $20.00
    m French nice sleeve-rare
    Rock & Roll Music Ps   Sale price: $20.00
    spanish sleeve-nice & rare!!!
    Fuller Four Bobby
    EP Wine Wine Wine+3   Sale price: $15.00
    PS M/M rare 80's reissue on EVA beautiful and not seen very often
    Love's made a fool of you/don't..   Sale price: $13.00
    M Mustang-rare 60's original
    Garcia Jerry
    The Wheel/Deal   Sale price: $14.00
    VG DJ Warner Bros Very nice
    Gas Co. The
    Blow your mind/times up   Sale price: $20.00
    VG+ Mirwood rec good 60's folk protest
    Gates of Eden
    No one was there/elgy   Sale price: $29.00
    M War.bros very psychedlic w.sunshine pop overtones comes w.insert!!!!!
    Gee Johnny
    St.James Infirmary/cheryl   Sale price: $20.00
    M- startime rec obscure psycho version of classic
    Gestures The
    Run Run Run/It seems to me   Sale price: $25.00
    M- Soma records good minn.60's garge punk
    Goldberg Barry
    Tell Mama+3   Sale price: $20.00
    promo lp sampler!!! m-very nice
    Golden Cups The
    Jezabel/hiwa-mata-noboru   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M-M rare japanese garage--great sleeve!!!
    Golden Leaves The
    Pretty Brown Eyes/in the misty..   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M Challenge soft pop instro w.sitars!!!!
    Grassroots The
    Midnight confessions+3   Sale price: $30.00
    VG+/VG+Orig.60's aussie pic sleeve-very nice!
    If I need someone-its you/why can't   Sale price: $20.00
    M Abnak southern garage yellow vinyl-rare
    Guess Who
    EP These eyes+3   Sale price: $22.00
    PS VG+++/VG+++ mexican ep very nice very rare
    Its my pride/his girl   Sale price: $125.00
    M UK King label-very rare version of this killer garage song-diff than US release
    Guess Who The
    There's No Getting away from you/This time..   Sale price: $65.00
    VG+++ canadian quality good killer punk
    Guilloteens The
    I Sit & Cry/Crying over my time..   Sale price: $30.00
    HBR VG+++ good 60's punk
    Come Girl/Blue snow night   Sale price: $40.00
    PS UA grt.garage psych both sides!!
    Gurus The
    Come Girl/Blue snow night   Sale price: $35.00
    PS DJ M- UA rare punk-rare sleeve
    H.B. & The Checkmates
    Louise Louise/summertime   Sale price: $25.00
    M lavender excellent garage northwest sound
    Keeper of the keys/blue jack..   Sale price: $35.00
    M- rare comes w.orig.60's promo press release!!!!
    Happy Hooker The
    Radio spots   Sale price: $30.00
    M also ended interview w. J-Pierre Aumont
    Harrad Experiment
    Radio spots   Sale price: $24.00
    M rare promo from counter culture film
    rejected me/there's time   Sale price: $35.00
    VG+ Visions of sound good minn.garage
    Hatcher Harley(Highway)
    Priscilla/we were made for..   Sale price: $60.00
    Haunted The
    EP A message to Pretty+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M/M 80's reissue on Eva beautiful looking great punk
    Hawkins Ronnie
    down in the alley+3   Sale price: $25.00
    M-/VG++ aussie issue on atlantic
    Hazelwood Lee
    Greyhound Bus depot   Sale price: $23.00
    M DJ LHI good rare promo
    Suzi Jane is back../the old man   Sale price: $24.00
    DJ M MGM-rare promo mid 60's effort
    Troublemaker/Greyhound bus depot   Sale price: $15.00
    M LHI Records-rare classic troubadour
    Head Murray
    Superstar/John ninteen forty-one   Sale price: $18.00
    PS M-decca rare sleeve early 70's Jesus rock sounds
    Hendrix Jimi
    California Night/get out of my life..   Sale price: $25.00
    PS VG++/VG rare Yugoslav stateside sleeve-grt.pic
    Can you please..the burning..   Sale price: $35.00
    PS M/M recent 1998 MCA promo colored vinyl rare!!!
    Hey Joe/Purple Haze   Sale price: $38.00
    PS M/M- yugoslav RTB Polydor rare sleeve nice pic
    Johnny B.Goode/Little Wing   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M-/VG RTB Yugoslav--grt.sleeve
    Let me light your fire/burning of   Sale price: $23.00
    PS VG++/VG rare Yugoslav RTB/polydor sleeve-looks good
    Little Drummer Boy/auld lang   Sale price: $60.00
    PIC DISC--very rare rarely seen-superb hendrix rarity
    Pruple Haze/Gypsy Eyes   Sale price: $25.00
    VG++ Aussie polydor-rare small hole single
    Star Spangled Banner   Sale price: $28.00
    PIC DISC--30th anniversary Rare promo-looks great-rarely seen
    The wind cries mary   Sale price: $29.00
    DJ Mono & ST Versions M
    Voodoo Chile/Watchtower   Sale price: $35.00
    PS M-/M- Yugoslav RTB/Polydor rare nice sleeve
    Voodoo chile+2   Sale price: $50.00
    PS rare italian sleeve Polyodor promo label-looks grt!!
    Hendrix Jimi Experience
    EP Voodoo Chile+2   Sale price: $60.00
    PS M-/VG++ rare original UK Track sleeve and disc--rarely seen
    Hendrix Jimi(Experience)
    All Along the Watchtower/burning..   Sale price: $15.00
    M Reprise Canadian issue very nice
    All along the watchtower/long   Sale price: $24.00
    M- UK track very rare nice UK issue
    High Spirits The
    Tossin & Turnin/Turn on your lovelight   Sale price: $20.00
    VG++ DJ Soma good midwest garage
    EP Carrie anne+3   Sale price: $90.00
    PS M-/M Portugese-very rare early photo in a bowling alley-superb and rare!!
    EP We're through+3   Sale price: $80.00
    PS M-/VG++ super rare UK great early sleeve
    -Tonight You Belong To Me   Sale price: $40.00
    rare girl grp-cap dj m
    Hot Peppers Les
    EP Rainy day women+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/M Beautiful french oddball 60's jugband punk sound-rarely seen
    Hou-Lops The
    Friday on my mind/are you lonley..   Sale price: $15.00
    M canadian apex good french canadian garage sounds
    Human Beinz
    My generation/Pied Piper   Sale price: $25.00
    M DJ Gateway good 60's garage punk
    Human Beinz
    -Turn On Your Lovelight   Sale price: $8.00
    a" label promo-aussie cap.m
    Human Beinz
    Turn on Your lovelight/its fun..   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M/M DJ copy rare sleeve grt.garage punk
    Human Touch
    Compromise/blues for the   Sale price: $25.00
    M- DJ war.bros-good female psych like N.Children
    Ides of March
    Vehicle/Melody   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/M rare Japanese sleeve-cool pic of band w.lyrics-rarely seen
    Improper Bostonians The
    How many Tears/I still love you   Sale price: $12.00
    VG++ Minuteman good 60's pop garage
    In Crowd The
    Speed Queen/Cry Baby..   Sale price: $15.00
    hickory dj m-good surf garage
    In" The
    Just give me time/midnight..   Sale price: $45.00
    VG+ DJ Hickory good fuzz punk!!!
    International Submarine Band
    EP The Russians are coming+3   Sale price: $29.00
    PS M/M rare 80 "dodgy" release of 4 trax-very nice sleeve and impossible to find these days
    Its a Beautiful Day
    Soapstone Mountain/do you remember   Sale price: $15.00
    M UK CBS rare 60's psych-very nice issue
    Jackson Tony/Sorrows/Glyn Johns+1
    EP Same   Sale price: $50.00
    PS M/M rare spanish comp w. the sorrows/Tony Jackso/Glyn Johns/butch moore
    James Tommy & the Shondells
    Crimson & Clover/I'm taken   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M/M very nice rare french sleeve
    EP Hanky Panky+3   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M-/M- New Zealand issue-rare
    Jan & Dean
    EP Drag City+3   Sale price: $45.00
    PS French VG+/VG beautiful laminated sleeve shows the guys fixing a car-very cool
    EP Surf City+3   Sale price: $33.00
    PS VG+/VG aussie orig.60's issue small writing on back cover-rarely seen
    Jan-Ellis The
    Last walk tonight/love is a place   Sale price: $30.00
    VG+++ planet rec dj good r.island garage
    Jefferson Airplane
    Ballad of you & Me Pooneil   Sale price: $15.00
    M RCA minor psych classic
    Greasy heart/share a little joke   Sale price: $11.00
    M RCA very nice original single
    Martha/watch her ride   Sale price: $15.00
    M RCA very nice classic!!--DJ M copy $16
    Somebody to love/she has   Sale price: $15.00
    VG++ DJ RCA rare promo of first single
    Jefferson Airplane
    Volunteers/We can be together   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M-/M rare yellow label promo and sleeve
    Watch Her Ride/Martha   Sale price: $15.00
    M DJ RCA rare yellow label promo!!
    Everything's Changing   Sale price: $20.00
    Epic VG "A" label promo good psych
    Killing Floor   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M- epic good psych
    Tempe arizona/lie to me   Sale price: $25.00
    DJ m- good psych
    Kanes Cousins
    Take your love and shove it/support   Sale price: $13.00
    M shove love good bubble gum punk
    Kane's Cousins
    Take Your love & shove it/support..   Sale price: $12.00
    M Shove love-rare local florida garage
    Kantner Paul & Grace Slick
    China/Sunfighter   Sale price: $24.00
    PS M/M rare RCA rare 1972 sleeve legendary holding the baby sleeve!!!
    Kartune Kapers
    Knock on Wood/On the Plane   Sale price: $25.00
    M Space records very good garage
    Keith & Donna/Old & in the waty
    sampler for dead heads   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M round records
    Kenny & the Kasuals
    EP The Best Thing around+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M/M rare 80's reissue on EVA beautiful great 60's garage punk
    King George & the Checkmates
    Miss galore/What a fool   Sale price: $25.00
    M panorama good northwest garage
    Kings Ransom The
    Shadows of Dawn/street car   Sale price: $50.00
    DJ M integra-grt & rare psych punk
    Kingsley Gershon
    Twinkle Twinkle/hey hey   Sale price: $20.00
    M audio fidelity DJ--very early issue master of the moog-not seen
    EP Kinksize Session   Sale price: $80.00
    PS M/M UK superb rare early UK ep trax from first lp--rarely seen these days!!!
    Kinks(Dave Davies)
    Hold my Hand/Creeping Jean   Sale price: $170.00
    PS M/M one of the rarest dave davies singles german-sensational color sleeve grt.pic of him-rarely seen
    Kitchen Cinq The
    Still in love with you baby   Sale price: $18.00
    M DJ LHI records good garage
    Still in love with you baby/ride the wind   Sale price: $15.00
    Dj VG+++ good pop psych L.Hazelwood!!
    Klan The
    EP Already Mine+3   Sale price: $175.00
    PS M/M Belgium palette rare euro 60's beat rarely seen
    EP Fify the fly+3   Sale price: $150.00
    PS M/M french palette rare beat-very nice sleeve
    Knack The
    Time waits for no one/I'm aware   Sale price: $25.00
    M- Capitol rare garage psych pop sounds
    -Rumors Gossip Words ..   Sale price: $20.00
    rare-challenge dj m
    Knight Terry & the Pack
    One Monkey don't stop the show/the train   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M lucky eleven-good detroit punk
    Koala The
    Don't you know what i mean/scattered..   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ M Capitol-killer aussie 60's punk
    Koerner(spider john) & W.Murphy
    A conversation of   Sale price: $25.00
    DJ M Elektra-super rare promo interview 60's-1 sided
    Kords The
    Boris the spider/its all in my mind   Sale price: $40.00
    M Laurie some writing on label--killer punk who song!!
    Paradox   Sale price: $16.00
    VG++ DJ mainstream grt.psych
    Lancaster J.J.
    So Unkind/the parade has passed me   Sale price: $40.00
    DJ M great fuzz garage
    Last Poets the
    Black is chant   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M douglas 7-rare promo black protest 71!!
    Leaders The
    Night People/Love will find a way   Sale price: $20.00
    M- fontana pop garage
    Left Banke The
    Ivy Ivy/And Suddenly   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M Smash one of their later singles-very nice
    Pretty Ballerina/lazy day   Sale price: $75.00
    PS M/M Incredible beautiful orig.rare sleeve picture!!!!
    Lemon Pipers The
    Rice is Nice/Blueberry blue   Sale price: $23.00
    PS M Buddah records--rare pic sleeve nice bubble gum psych
    Radio Spots   Sale price: $25.00
    M legendary pic about Lenny bruce w. D.Hoffman
    Lesh Phil/Robert Hunter
    Sampler for dead heads   Sale price: $20.00
    Dj M round records-Dead members
    Lewis & Clark Expedition
    I feel good/blue..   Sale price: $15.00
    PS M colgems good 60's rock
    Lewis gary & the Playboys
    EP Girls in Love   Sale price: $25.00
    PS VG++/VG++ rare orig.great glossy Aussie ep sleeve!!
    EP This diamond ring+3   Sale price: $22.00
    PS VG++/VG+ rare aussie grt.sleeve
    Limeliters The
    EP wabash cannonball+3   Sale price: $30.00
    PS M-/M- German ep glossy sleeve grt.pic of band--rare 60's folk
    Lincoln St. Exit
    Soulful Drifter/Time has come   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M Mainstream white label promo
    Lincoln st. Exit
    Time has come gonna die/soulful drifter   Sale price: $22.00
    Mainstream dj M
    Lincoln St.Exit
    EP sunny day dream+2   Sale price: $13.00
    PS rare 80's reissue of their rarest trax
    Linkletter Art
    We Love You Call Collect   Sale price: $9.00
    m capitol-classic tragic comedy
    In my youth   Sale price: $14.00
    M mainstream white label promo rare garage
    Live Five The
    Who Knows/Take the good & the Bad   Sale price: $25.00
    M Picadilly good 60's northwest garage
    Live Wires The
    The Mask/keep it to yourself   Sale price: $24.00
    M Boom rec good pop garage
    Liverpool Five
    Heart/I just can't believe it   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M RCA-good 60's mersey garage!!
    Liverpool Five
    She's/cloudy   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M-RCA promo label
    Livin Ends The
    Jolyn/I love you more..   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M Atlantic good 60's pop garage
    Living Daylights The
    Lets live for today   Sale price: $95.00
    PS M/M japanese super rare american garage sunshine pop pre-grassroots pic!!
    Living End The
    I need a lot of lovin   Sale price: $20.00
    M DJ Mira good w.coast garage
    Lorey's The
    Ready to go/goin downtown   Sale price: $20.00
    late 60's arkansas garage M
    Lost in Sound The
    You can destroy my mind/stubborn kind of   Sale price: $20.00
    M- Showcase good garage punk
    Lost The
    Maybe More than you/back door blues   Sale price: $16.00
    Capitol VG+ good boston punk W.W.Alexander
    Lothar & the Hand People
    midnight ranger/yes i love you   Sale price: $12.00
    M Capitol DJ issue
    Good Times/Alone again or   Sale price: $22.00
    DJ M elektra-rare promo
    Love at First Bite
    Radio Spots   Sale price: $20.00
    m cool 70's american international picture
    Lovin Spoonful
    EP Day blues+3   Sale price: $25.00
    PS VG/VG+ Rare aussie 60's pic sleeve-very nice!!!
    EP Summer in the city+3   Sale price: $45.00
    PS M-/VG++ french ep beautiful and rare
    Magic Swirling Ship
    He's Coming Pt.2/Love in your eyes   Sale price: $30.00
    M Cadet good fuzz punk
    Magpies The
    Twiggy/just a mime   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ ABC VG+ 60's pop garage novelty!!
    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    Speaks to the youth of the world   Sale price: $19.00
    DJ M- excerpts from his record-rare promo
    Mandel harvey
    Cristo redentor/bradleys barn   Sale price: $15.00
    M DJ Philips vintage Mandel nice
    Margret Ann
    He's my man/someday soon   Sale price: $50.00
    RCA DJ M- both sides written by PF SLOAN-rare!!!! & good!!!
    As the Years go by/days when   Sale price: $28.00
    PS M/M Japanese--rare canadian 60's psych-rarer sleeve!!!
    Masque The
    Black is black/sweet soul   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M bell records
    Kick out the Jams/Motor..   Sale price: $80.00
    PS M-/M- very nice rare french sleeve
    Kick out the Jams/motor..   Sale price: $20.00
    VG+ Elektra classic punk
    Looking at you/Tonight   Sale price: $50.00
    M Atlantic super rare stock copy!!!! killer
    Looking at you/Tonight   Sale price: $50.00
    M Atlantic super rare stock copy!!!! killer
    McCoys The
    EP Come on lets go+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS VG/VG rare Mexican Gamma sleeve shot
    EP You make me feel so good+3   Sale price: $75.00
    PS M-/M rare spanish laminated sleeve--live on stage shot-very nice
    McCracken Hugh & funatics
    You blow my mind/buzz in my..   Sale price: $50.00
    M congress-grt!! a peckerwood doing punk
    McGuinn Clark & Hillman
    Surrender to me/bye bye baby   Sale price: $12.00
    M UK Capitol
    McGuire Barry
    Child of our Times/upon..   Sale price: $15.00
    PS VG++/M- rare US sleeve
    EP This Precious Time+3   Sale price: $55.00
    PS VG++/VG+++ superb rare spanish sleeve not often seen
    Ladies on Liberty Street   Sale price: $11.00
    M Big men rec- good early 70's rock
    Merrell & the Exiles
    Can't we get along/Thats all i want from you   Sale price: $35.00
    M- Golden crown record-rare Merrell Fankhauser!!!
    Michael & The Medallions
    I wanna talk to you/better...   Sale price: $25.00
    M DJ Bragg rec--good garage
    Mick & the Shambles
    girls girls girls/lonly nights again   Sale price: $25.00
    VG+++ good garage verve folkways
    Midnight Rebels The
    Smiling Phases/groovin is easy   Sale price: $30.00
    M- Mr.records rare 1969 heavy garage sounds
    Minets of England The
    wake up/My love is yours   Sale price: $25.00
    M DJ DCP rec. grt.60's merseyish garage sounds!!
    Mint Tattoo
    I'm talking about you/mark of..   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M Dot records-B.Cheer offshoot
    Minute Men The
    Flag Wavin/Great Day Comin   Sale price: $30.00
    M DJ orig.sound w.rare promo insert and photo of band on insert-early 60's folk
    I won't lead you on/mr.mistake   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M Parrot good 60's folk rock
    Misfits The
    Turn on your lovelight/the work song   Sale price: $45.00
    M- Charay records very rare Texas 60's garage !!!
    Misfits The(Moby Grape)
    Lost Love/this little piggy   Sale price: $25.00
    M- Imperial DJ both sides written by BOB MOSLEY OF MOBY GRAPE FAME!!
    Moby Grape
    goin down to Texas   Sale price: $12.00
    Mono & ST promo-very nice-hard to find
    Gypsy Wedding/apocalypse   Sale price: $30.00
    PS VG/VG++ German very rare and nice !!!
    Moby Grape
    Ooh mama ooh/its a beautiful..   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M columbia records
    Moby Grape
    Trucking man/If you can't learn   Sale price: $12.00
    Col. DJ M--nice promo "7"
    Trucking Man/If you can't learn from..   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M Col.
    Mojo Men
    When your in love/Me about you   Sale price: $15.00
    M Reprise good west coast pop garage!!
    Mojo Men The
    Off the Hook/mama's little   Sale price: $20.00
    Autumn records classic san fransisco garage folk rock
    Whatever happened to happy   Sale price: $18.00
    M DJ Reprise good 60's
    Mojo The
    Should I cry/You to Me   Sale price: $16.00
    DJ M reprise-good 60's rock D.hassinger
    Mom's Apple Pie
    Special Radio spot commerical   Sale price: $25.00
    M DJ One sided for the vagina cover lp!!!
    Mongrels The
    My woman/sitting in the station   Sale price: $24.00
    M M&L records good 60's folk rock garage
    -Heart & Soul Ps   Sale price: $10.00
    pink vinyl
    Monkees The
    Every step of the way/I'll love you forever   Sale price: $19.00
    PIC DISC-rare rhino issue long out of print!!!
    Tapioca Tundra/Valleri   Sale price: $22.00
    PS M-/M- superb beautiful original aussie sleeve
    Monkees(Davy Jones)
    Rainy Jane/Welcome..   Sale price: $12.00
    bell m-rare solo effort!!!
    What Are We Going...   Sale price: $10.00
    m colpix-rare solo material
    silver moon/lady of the   Sale price: $24.00
    PS very nice german issue M-
    -This Bouquet/What...   Sale price: $10.00
    white label promo-colpix m-
    -Joanne/One Rose Rca M   Sale price: $10.00
    nice solo material
    Lady Of The Valley   Sale price: $10.00
    rca m
    -Roll With Flow/I'Ve Just Begun..   Sale price: $20.00
    n.zealand stetson rec!!!
    Morning Glory
    face to the wind/happiness   Sale price: $18.00
    VG Toya local w.coast pop/psych dj label
    Need Someone/i see a light   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M-/M- Fontana US psych-rare sleeve!!
    Mother Earth
    Radio spots   Sale price: $20.00
    VG+ reprise promo-radio spots from "bring me home"
    Mouse & the Traps
    ya ya/cryin inside   Sale price: $25.00
    DJ VG++ frataernity-good punk
    one more day/you've been..   Sale price: $22.00
    M Mu records-60's issue by Merrill Fankhauser
    Mugwumps The
    Season of the Witch/my gal   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ M sidewalk-rare garage punk
    Music Combination
    -Bambi/Mechanical People..   Sale price: $5.00
    m americanmusic makers rec
    Music Machine
    Eagle Never hunts the fly/i've loved you   Sale price: $20.00
    VG Original sound DJ yellow label-great punk
    Talk Talk/Come on In   Sale price: $98.00
    PS M/M super rare spanish sleeve-grt.pic of band & sean!!
    Music Track
    Times gone by/Sweet Thang   Sale price: $16.00
    DJ M int.artists-rare texas record on elevators label
    New Colony 6
    Let me love you/Love you so much   Sale price: $18.00
    DJ M Sentar--good chicago garage!!!
    New Colony Six
    Treat her Groovy/rap-a-tap   Sale price: $30.00
    PS M/M Mercury rare sleeve for great 60's garage band
    New colony six/Mannfred Mann+4
    Things I'd like to say+5   Sale price: $25.00
    PSrare 60's promo trax by N.Colony 6/A.Age/M.Mann/J.Butler/
    New Society The
    The Lovin Kind   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M/M American Gramophone good folk rock
    New York R&R Ensemble
    EP Sounds of time   Sale price: $30.00
    PS rare 4 trak promo on Atco
    Nichols Nichelle
    uhura's theme/beyond antares   Sale price: $50.00
    PS of "Star Trek" fame M AUTOGRAPHED
    EP Touch of Schmillson in..   Sale price: $35.00
    PS SEALED Juke box ep w.stickers-very rare!!! in this condition
    Nitty Gritty Dirt band
    Interview with   Sale price: $20.00
    Special radio only promo from liberty records M
    Nocturnes The
    Cyclone/jambalaya rock   Sale price: $24.00
    M cuca wisconsin frat instros
    Noe Pro & the Semitones
    I know whats been going on   Sale price: $25.00
    VG++ Pharaoh--rare texas garage
    Nuclear Vision
    Night time child   Sale price: $18.00
    M DJ Laurie good 60's garage rock
    NY R&R Ensemble
    Sounds of time+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M-/M rare promo 60's ep!!!
    Off Set the
    Your a drag/little girl little boy   Sale price: $25.00
    DJ Brent good 60's folk rock
    Off-Beats The
    Tired of crying/tell me baby   Sale price: $25.00
    M- rythmn records nice garage!!
    Lez Lee/seldom bought   Sale price: $35.00
    M Go Hog rec rare 70's prog psych garage--very rare Baltimore record!!!
    Ones The
    You Haven't seen my love   Sale price: $15.00
    Motown DJ VG to VG++ rare detroit garage
    Orange Colored Sky
    Orange colored sky/The shadow of summer   Sale price: $18.00
    M UNI good psych
    Brown arms in Houston   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M-/M classic boston pop psych-grt.sleeve
    Outsiders The
    And now you want my sympathy/i'll see..   Sale price: $25.00
    M DJ Capitol one of their better rare singles good garage
    Oxfords The
    Time & Place/there's..   Sale price: $65.00
    M DJ killer punk psych 60's
    Palace Guard
    Calliope/Greed   Sale price: $35.00
    DJ M Cameo Parkway-very rare 60's garage power pop
    Saturdays child/party lights   Sale price: $40.00
    M DJ killer garage fuzz version of Monkees tune
    Palace Guard The
    Falling Sugar/Oh blue   Sale price: $30.00
    M DJ Verve--rare early garage emitt rhodes
    Oh Blue/Falling Sugar   Sale price: $30.00
    M Verve records rare early Emitt Rhodes
    Saturdays Child/Party Lights   Sale price: $29.00
    M DJ cameo Parkway rare 60's pop garage w.emitt rhodes
    Peanut Butter Conspiracy
    Back in L.A./have a little..   Sale price: $15.00
    VG+++ Challenge good rare west coast psych
    Pearls Before Swine
    Rocket man/god save the child   Sale price: $14.00
    DJ M reprise records
    Peppermint Trolley
    Baby you came rollin across my mind/9:00 clock..   Sale price: $15.00
    M Acta rare 60's garage pop
    PH Factor
    Minglewood blues/barefoot john   Sale price: $25.00
    M Picadilly records-superb psych punk
    Phineas & Flashbacks
    -Alexanders Ragtime Band/By Light..Abc N   Sale price: $6.00
    good 60's rock-abc m
    Plant 2
    -Jeff & Harrys Tune   Sale price: $6.00
    m boeing prod
    Pop Art The
    Rumpelstiltskin/ode to an..   Sale price: $14.00
    DJ M Epic good 60's pop
    Primitives(lou Reed)
    EP Pre Velvets   Sale price: $25.00
    PS rare garage punk--primitive beachnuts & roughnecks--all rare Lou Reed garage bands limited reissue that came out in the 70's
    Prisners Dream The
    Autumn days/your the one i really love   Sale price: $30.00
    M rene rec--rare garage single
    Pro Noe(and the semitones)
    I know whats been going on   Sale price: $15.00
    VG Texas pharoh label--good garage-roy head style
    Psychic Motion
    -Its You/Big Teaser   Sale price: $14.00
    m mu records
    Purple Cucumber
    Some Kind of Magic   Sale price: $20.00
    M Smash merseyish garage!!!
    Quick The
    Aint nothing gonna stop me/southern comfort   Sale price: $200.00
    M Epic DJ rare late 60's power pop w.eric carmen--very rare!!!!
    Quicksilver messenger Service
    Holy Moly/Words can't say   Sale price: $12.00
    DJ M capitol
    Race Marbles
    Like a drabbling Fram/someday   Sale price: $45.00
    M Tower pebbles psych classic
    Racket Squad
    Thats how much I love my baby   Sale price: $14.00
    DJ VG++ Jubilee good pop garage
    ESP/outta my life   Sale price: $60.00
    DJ M- London good raw garage!!
    Ramrods The
    Mr.wind/Bright lit blue skies   Sale price: $15.00
    Plymouth tiny lip warp does not affect play good boston garage punk!!!!
    Rascals The
    EP Beautiful Morning+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/M Orig.60's aussie sleeve-very nice!!!
    Revelers The
    Don't listen to your friends/it ..   Sale price: $20.00
    M PJ records good obscure early 60's garage
    Revere Paul & the Raiders
    EP Him or me+3   Sale price: $65.00
    PS M/M portugese superb very rare sleeve
    EP Kicks+3   Sale price: $60.00
    PS M/M portugese great pic very rare and nice
    EP Louise+3   Sale price: $60.00
    PS M/M superb picture very rare virtually unplayed
    EP The great Airplane Strike+3   Sale price: $60.00
    PS M-/M portugese-very nice very rare--a must for the fan
    EP Too Much Talk+3   Sale price: $65.00
    PS M/M super sleeve rare early photo rare portugese EP!!! rarely seen
    We gotta all get together   Sale price: $15.00
    PS rare Belgium sleeve M-/M very nice!!!
    Richard & Young Lions
    -Nasty/Lost & Found   Sale price: $35.00
    rare second single-philips m
    Rivers Johnny
    EP These are not my people+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/M original 60's aussie ep-very rare!!
    Rock & Roll Gypsies The
    The Message/Love in   Sale price: $24.00
    DJ M Original sound--cool sunshine pop sounds
    Rogue Show The
    make me over again   Sale price: $20.00
    VG paula rec dj-grt. garage!!!
    Rogues The
    Secondary man/say you love me   Sale price: $30.00
    M thunderbird great punk!!!!
    Rose Garden
    Rider+3   Sale price: $24.00
    PS DJ M Atco rare promo of classic sunshine pop songs!!!!
    Rowland Steve & the Family Dogg
    Sympathy   Sale price: $20.00
    PS VG+/VG+ italian sleeve for rare US west coast rock psych group-cool pic of band on sleeve
    Ruben & the Jets
    If i could be your love again   Sale price: $16.00
    DJ M Mercury
    Rugbys The
    You I/stay with me   Sale price: $20.00
    M UK polydor-very nice rare 69 bubble gum garage
    Rush Tom
    Who do you love/something in the way she moves   Sale price: $15.00
    M Elektra dj nice issue
    Russell Leon
    Slipping into Christmas/Xmas in Chicago   Sale price: $30.00
    Very rare 1972 single M on shelter!!
    Rvere Paul & the Raiders
    EP too much talk+3   Sale price: $65.00
    PS M/M Portugese CBS very early photo of band-very rare
    Rydell Bobby
    When i see that girl of mine/it takes two   Sale price: $29.00
    M capitol--rare version of KINKS song!!!
    Ryder Mitch & Detroit Wheels
    EP Ridin   Sale price: $25.00
    PS VG++/VG++ 6 trax orig.aussie EP
    My world fell down   Sale price: $15.00
    VG++ DJ Col. classic
    Sam the Sham & the Pharohs
    EP Wooly Bully+3   Sale price: $20.00
    PS VG/VG orig.60's aussie sleeve rarely seen has wear but very nice
    Savages The
    Little Miss Sad/If you left me   Sale price: $45.00
    M Laurie great punk garage-very nice
    Can't Get Blood from a Stone/I'm only human   Sale price: $30.00
    M- american recording company-very heavy rock garage
    Searchers The
    New Searchers Mono   Sale price: $25.00
    m kapp-classic UK sweet beat
    Second Time The
    Listen to the music   Sale price: $18.00
    PS DJ VG++ Tower from the movie WILD IN THE STREETS-nice rare pic sleeve
    Seeds The
    A 1000 shadows/march..   Sale price: $45.00
    PS M/VG++ rare very nice sleeve!!
    Seger Bob & Last Heard
    Chain Smokin/Persecution Smith   Sale price: $35.00
    M Cameo Parkway rare 60's garage
    Chain Smokin/Persecution Smith   Sale price: $60.00
    VG+++ Hideout label-superb issue-rare
    Shade of Difference
    Brand New Day/A woman left   Sale price: $20.00
    M DJ M Decca--written by AL KOOPER and from the film,"The Landlord"
    You owe me nothing/she loves   Sale price: $20.00
    M- rare local 60's garage
    Shadows of Knight
    Bad little woman/Gospel Zone   Sale price: $20.00
    M dunwich grt.punk
    I am the Hunter/Warwick court   Sale price: $35.00
    ATCO DJ M very nice rare and non-LP!!
    Shadows of Knight
    Oh Yeah/Lightbulb Blues   Sale price: $50.00
    PS M-/M dunwich very rare sleeve great garage
    Shady Days The
    Little girl/thats how strong my love is   Sale price: $20.00
    RPR records very nice
    Shaggs The
    Cause of you/by my side   Sale price: $20.00
    60's frat garage sounds on sammy rec
    Shags The
    Talk to a sidewalk/did i say...   Sale price: $65.00
    PS M-/M tiny tear on sleeve on the back-rare punk-killer grt.looking 60's sleeve-same pic on front that is on the back-golden voice records
    Sheep The
    Dynamite/I feel good   Sale price: $20.00
    VG++ Boom Records
    Sherlocks The
    Too good to be true/shades..   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ VG+ Dot records good garage
    Shillings The
    Lying & Trying/VChildren & Flowers   Sale price: $30.00
    VG++ Three Rivers-superb 60's folk rock
    Shivas Headband
    Country boy/Such a Joy   Sale price: $20.00
    PS-nice rare local effort!!!
    Shy Guys The
    Girl with the flaxen hair   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ VG Trump rec--rare early detroit garage
    Sinatra Nancy
    EP Sugar town+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/M Superb french ep--inc.summer wine-grt.pic of nancy!!
    Sinners Les
    Penny Lane/Les Greves D'..   Sale price: $15.00
    M Canadian Jupiter-excellent 60's garage psych!!!
    Sir Douglas Quintet
    Catch the man on the rise   Sale price: $24.00
    PS german sleeve-its beautiful!!!
    Dynamite Woman   Sale price: $25.00
    ps vg+++ Germanv-ery nice sl
    Michoacan/Stoned faces don't..   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M/M german sleeve beautiful
    Sly & the Family Stone
    EP Everyday People+3   Sale price: $30.00
    PS VG+/VG+ rare original aussie 60's ep
    Life/m'lady   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M-/M- spanish sleeve has tiny writing on sleeve-very nice and rare
    Smoke Ring
    That gir was my girl one time/her love's a lie   Sale price: $35.00
    M DJ Mala good garage-rare
    Glory Glory/will i get back..   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ M Epic good 60's creedence sound-rare
    Solid Set
    I don't want to cry/stand by me   Sale price: $24.00
    M fayette rec-good obscure garage
    Some Other Animal
    All Alone On The Highway   Sale price: $15.00
    rare!!-cypher rec m
    Sonics The
    Anyway the wind blows/lost love   Sale price: $30.00
    M picadilly records-later effort mothers song!!
    Your in love/love-itis   Sale price: $25.00
    M jerden rare but not one of their better efforts
    Sopwith Camel
    Postcard from Jamaica/little orphan annie   Sale price: $19.00
    PS M/M grt.sleeve from 60's psych jugband sound!!!
    Sopwith Camel The
    Postcard from Jamaica/little   Sale price: $20.00
    PS M DJ grt.sleeve good pop psych sounds
    Sounds of Tyme
    To Understand Mankind/sold out..   Sale price: $25.00
    M Bowmar records-excellent rare psych
    Sparkles The
    Jack & the Beanstalk/oh girls..   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ M Hickory-good garage
    1984/Sweet Stella Baby   Sale price: $12.00
    M ode rec--rare non-LP issue
    Dark Eyed Woman/New Dope in Town   Sale price: $15.00
    M DJ Ode superb rare promo!!!
    Mechanical World   Sale price: $13.00
    M DJ Ode records
    Potatoeland Theme/Turn to..   Sale price: $20.00
    PS German Line-rare 81 sleeve of unreleased spirit
    -Turn Into Love/Up..   Sale price: $17.00
    rare promo-dj m cap.
    Stained Glass
    Fahrenheit/twiddle my thumbs   Sale price: $15.00
    DJ M Capitol-very nice!!!
    Stains The
    Now & Then/Did you ever make..   Sale price: $24.00
    Lotus rec vg has noise-killer fuzz punk
    Standells The
    EP Sometimes good guys don't wear white+3   Sale price: $15.00
    PS M/M rare 80's reissue on eva
    Stefan Paul & the Royal Lancers
    I fought the law/say mama   Sale price: $20.00
    M- citation rec-div.of cuca-wisconsin garage
    EP magic carpet rid+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M/VG super rare original brazillian pressing!!!
    Monster/Mover over   Sale price: $15.00
    PS VG++/M- Yugoslav pressing nice pic of band!!
    Sticks & Stones
    -Try/Live To Be Free N Coral   Sale price: $6.00
    m coral
    Have you ever seen me/necessary   Sale price: $40.00
    M August-rare local minn.psych
    Hey Joe/Sunny Day   Sale price: $20.00
    VG Roulette tiny writing on label-killer punk!!
    Sting-Rays of Newburgh
    fridays gone/what did i do..   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M Col. 60's garage pop sounds
    Queen of the Mountain/color my world   Sale price: $25.00
    M outer galazy records killer hard guitar psych from florida--1973
    Strangeloves The
    EP Cara lin+3   Sale price: $225.00
    PS M/VG+ french atlantic-super rare french sleeve of rare US Punk
    I'm on Fire/Love Love   Sale price: $20.00
    DJ M Swan good garage
    Night Time/rythmn of love   Sale price: $24.00
    M- DJ Bang-classic garage
    Strangers in Town
    You'll never know/Be my friend   Sale price: $28.00
    M toy tiger records--rare 60's sunshine pop garage!!!
    You'll never know/Be my Friend   Sale price: $40.00
    M- Toy Tiger records good harmony garage with wild guitars rare mid 60's
    Strawberry Alarm Clock
    Sit with the guru/pretty song from psych out   Sale price: $18.00
    M Uni b-side from movie psych out nice psych
    Superfine Dandelion
    People in the Street/   Sale price: $24.00
    DJ M Mainstream-killer folk psych snds
    Surfaris The
    Scattershield/I wanna take..   Sale price: $20.00
    M Decca rare obscure good 60's surf!!
    Sweet Smoke
    You don't know like i know/you've got..   Sale price: $12.00
    VG Amy DJ-b-side is beatles tune--rare garage
    Syndicate of Sound
    Rumors/The Upper hand   Sale price: $13.00
    VG+ Bell good garage
    I'm so Glad/20 years ago...   Sale price: $35.00
    M orig issue on Candy Floss label!!
    Tail Feathers
    -Now Aint That Love..   Sale price: $5.00
    uptites vg
    Tangerine Zoo The
    Like People   Sale price: $22.00
    DJ M Mainstream--rare and good psych garage
    One More heartache/trip to the zoo   Sale price: $18.00
    DJ VG+ Mainstream good garage psych
    T-Bones The
    No Matter What Shape   Sale price: $25.00
    M Mini LP with hard cardboard cover
    Teddy & the Clockwatchers
    Kinky/You were made for me   Sale price: $39.00
    DJ M war.brothers-rare kim fowley involvement!!
    The Weeds
    Its y our time/little girl   Sale price: $15.00
    PS Reissue of 60's punk classic w.fred cole rare and out of print since 88 M/M killer sides
    Memphis lady/Nobody cares   Sale price: $12.00
    M Happy Tiger DJ copy good garage-post them group!!
    Three Dog Night
    EP One Man band+3   Sale price: $25.00
    PS M/VG orig.rare nice aussie ep!!!
    Tidal Waves
    She Left me all alone/farmer john   Sale price: $18.00
    VG++ HBR good 60's garage
    Tidal Waves The
    Big Boy Pete/I don't need love   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ M HBR good garage
    Tikis The
    Bye Bye Bye/lost my love..   Sale price: $25.00
    DJ M w.bros good west coast garage
    Too Hot to Handle
    Radio Spots   Sale price: $25.00
    M- seminal B-Movie on new world pictures-grt!!
    Town Criers
    Three Happy Carrolers   Sale price: $8.00
    m panorama
    EP Surfin Bird+3   Sale price: $250.00
    PS M/VG original french ep-great sleeve rarely seen!!!!
    Trolls The
    Every Day & Every Night/are you..   Sale price: $50.00
    Killer garage punks-superb abc rec
    -Something Else/Walkin ..   Sale price: $12.00
    good fla.garage-nork rec vg
    Trophies The
    your the queen/Leave my girl   Sale price: $30.00
    M dj Kapp good garage sounds
    Truths The
    Why/Pending   Sale price: $30.00
    DJ M Circle records-killer byrds folk rock sound
    EP Elenore+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS M-/M- aussie white whale very nice and rare!!
    Turtles The
    EP Happy Together+3   Sale price: $22.00
    PS VG+/VG aussie slight ring wear aussie london label--rare!!!!
    Twilights The
    EP Needle in a haystack+3   Sale price: $40.00
    PS VG/VG+ aussie has ring wear rare aussie 60's sweet beat